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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

· We have no building, no chapel, no large investment in brick and mortar; we have an administrative office.  This is how we are able to offer significant savings.

·We offer all the services that a traditional funeral home offer including embalming, cremation and green burial.

· We partner with your local church for celebration of life ceremonies, funerals, visitations, etc.

·We also encourage families to consider other options. Often times this can be a place of fond remembrance or a favorite place that had special meaning to your loved one.  A field, a clubhouse, a place by the river, or on the mountain; anywhere your family chooses.

·If you do prefer to use a church but do not belong to one, no problem. Several churches have volunteered the use of their facilities as a way to express love and support to people in their greatest time of need regardless of membership. No questions. No judgements. Just love and support.

·Momma, Daddy and I believe this is the way to love on folks during the toughest time in their lives - its just the right thing to do. 

Personalized Service

We place the needs of our families served ahead of our own and honor their loved ones in a very personal and meaningful way. We believe the highest calling in life is to care for families during this difficult time.  

Standard of Excellence

We seek to exceed customer expectations and provide outstanding quality in everything that we do.

Uncompromising Integrity

Our word is our bond and we hold honesty and respect in the highest esteem, seeking to honor God in the way we live our lives and operate our company.

Trusting Relationships

We build trusting relationships with others throughout the community and among the families we serve.

Empowered Team

We value our team and foster a spirit of ownership, accountability, education, and teamwork.